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The planning whirlwind and honeymoon travels are over.  It’s now time to settle into your new life as a MARRIED couple instead of the engaged couple you have gotten used to.  We have decided here at that you might need a little help getting acclimated to your new life together with your new name, new families and maybe even new address.  So, we have compiled some helpful tips and a list of must-do’s so you can enter into wedded bliss unscathed and happy to start your lifelong adventure with your forever love!


After Wedding To-Do List:


One of the most difficult things you will do while planning your wedding is creating your guest list.  There are different things you have to consider when making the list. 

First of all, what is your budget?  If you made a rough draft list of guests and it was 350 people and your caterer quotes you at $20 per plate, you’ll end up spending $7,000 on just food alone.  Another thing to think about is your budget for décor.  If you are set on having chair covers and the average cover costs around $2.50 per chair and you plan on 350 guests, that is $875.00.  Budget concerns might make you take a second look at the first list you made and make some cuts. 


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