The Wedding is Over, Now What?

The planning whirlwind and honeymoon travels are over. It’s now time to settle into your new life as a MARRIED couple instead of the engaged couple you have gotten used to. We have decided here at that you might need a little help getting acclimated to your new life together with your new name, new families and maybe even new address. So, we have compiled some helpful tips and a list of must-do’s so you can enter into wedded bliss unscathed and happy to start your lifelong adventure with your forever love!

After Wedding To-Do List:

  • Get your name changed (if you plan on changing your name).

  • You will need a copy of your marriage license, your current driver’s license and social security card. Take these items to your nearest social security office and they will make the changes for you. Depending on where you go they may be able to give you a certified piece of paper that will allow you to go straight to the DMV to get your new license. It takes a few weeks to get the new card and license sent to you, but the DMV will give you a temporary paper one until the real one arrives in the mail.

  • Once you have your name legally changed, start calling all of the important places that have your old name listed and have them change it. (examples below)

  • Bank Accounts, any credit card accounts or other billing items that need updated, doctor’s offices, any organizations you are a part of so they can update their lists.

  • Make sure to go to the Post Office to show your name change and/or if your address changed as well.

  • If your last name is used in your voicemail, make sure to update that as well as your closings on your emails.

  • Return any wedding gifts that you received duplicates of or you don’t want to keep.

  • The sooner the better!

  • Put the rest of your gifts away…don’t start your married life feeling stressed because of all of the clutter.

  • Switch out the old stuff you had for the new. (It’s always great to donate any gently used items to places like the Salvation Army or Good Will.)

  • Get your wedding gown preserved.

  • This usually costs between $120-150, but is totally worth it!


  • They aren’t going to write themselves so the sooner you start on them, the better. Split the task with your spouse. You can either each write some of them or maybe one of you are better at writing the notes, then the other can address and send them all. (Postcards with a picture of you both from the wedding day is a great way to personalize thank you notes and there is less room to have to fill up with a note.)

  • No matter what you do for thank you cards, just make sure to send them. Wedding etiquette books say that you have a year to send them, but if you do a few a night you are sure to get through them quicker!

  • List any wedding related items you are wanting to get rid of on a local wedding swap and shop on Facebook or try using Craigslist or Ebay.

  • Get quotes for Life insurance policies.

  • Make sure, if you haven’t already, to insure your wedding rings.

  • Reminisce about all of the amazing moments from your wedding and honeymoon with a glass of wine and then get excited for everything the future has in store for you both!

It seems silly, but you might feel just a little sad when the special day has come to an end. You spend the majority of your time for about a year planning and anticipating this event. Then it goes by so fast you almost wonder where the time went. Let that bittersweet moment pass and be thankful that you have the love of your life by your side. Congratulations, newlyweds and enjoy what is to come!

We hope this list helps! If you have any other helpful tips about what to do when the wedding is over, please feel free to comment below to help any other brides that aren’t quite through the process yet! Feel free to leave us any questions you may have as well; we are here to help!

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